Multi-Author Shifter Sale!

July 28th, 2021

Night of the Wolf Moon, by Nina Walker and Kimberly Loth.

I’m not supposed to be sacrificed to the wolves, that fate belongs to my  sister. 

Heat Level: PG-13

Shadow Mate by Jen L. Grey

One little party turned my world upside down.

Heat level: Adult

Dirty Blood, by Heather Hildenbrand

After tonight, Tara Godfrey knows two things are for sure. 1. Mean girls who turn into werewolves are not normal. 2. Hot guys who aren’t bothered by a little murder are probably bad news.

Heat Level: PG-13

Werewolves 101 by Marisa Claire

Your Life Begins or Ends at the Academy

Heat Level: PG-13

The Quarterback Shifter by Emma Wolfe

Welcome to Smoky Hills Academy: #1 in Football #1 in Wolf Shifters. 

Heat Level: PG-13

Shadow Sentinels: Beginnings by Karen Tomlinson

A journey starts with a single step…or sometimes a betrayal.

Heat level: Adult (for series).

Wolf Hollow by Nikki Jefford

Breed or die off.

Heat Level: Adult

Fierce Impact by Julie Trettel

The mission always comes first, until she waltzes into his life.

Heat level: Adult

Marked by Jennifer Snyder

A mysterious stranger she can’t ignore. A birthmark with hidden meaning. A bite that changes her destiny.

Heat Level: PG-13