Obsidian-Final-SmallAs I near the end of The Dragon Kings, I find myself waxing a little nostalgic. You know, for how it all began. I thought you might like to hear the story. (Though, to be truthful, Virginia thought you might like to hear the story and I agreed).  Before I begin though, just FYI, The Dragon Kings will consist of five books. Skye comes out in October and the last book, The Kings will be out in December.

Obsidian began in late 2008 or early 2009. I can’t remember exactly. I do remember the moment I decided I would start writing (more about that here). That was in Oct 2008. Obsidian was the first book I wrote, but I did try my hand at another book first, but I felt it was too “big” for me and I decided to try something simpler. The original book I wanted to write still has not come to be. I keep it in my possibilities folder, but for now, I have too many other ideas.

Obviously, Obsidian is not a simple story, but it started out that way in my head. Two characters-Sid and Aspen. Early drafts were written in first person and I had to label all my chapters with who was speaking. I’m glad I changed that.

While I was drafting, I wanted feedback so I could know if it was even worth me pursuing a career as a writer. I approached two friends from church and asked if they would read for me. Both agreed and both liked the book and so I continued. I actually went looking for those emails because I wanted dates and I found one of the first from Virginia (Yep, she’s been with me that long).

This is what she said, “KIM!! OH MY WORD I WANT MORE MORE MORE!!!”Skye-Small

How could I not finish the book after a comment like that? Over the years Obsidian evolved and evolved again until it finally became two books. The multiple kings was an idea I had for a long time, but those books didn’t come until recently. The three kings remained as I imagined them from the beginning.

This journey has been incredible and I’m sad to see it come to a close (though I’m SOOOOOO excited for the next series.)

I couldn’t love all my incredible fans more!  Thanks for sticking with me!



PS. In case you would like to read this series, here is where you can pick up these books 🙂

The Dragon Kings (Young Adult Paranormal)

Obsidian: www.kimberlyloth.com/obsidian

Aspen: www.kimberlyloth.com/aspen

Valentine: www.kimberlyloth.com/valentine

Skye: www.kimberlyloth.com/skye

The Kings (Coming Dec 2016): www.kimberlyloth.com/kings