Also, Have you wondered why I’m finally writing a sequel series to The Dragon Kings?

Without further delay, here is the dashing Obsidian and his dragon.  ❤️

Obsidian, artist rendering by Dominique Wesson

And as for the 2nd question: it’s simple really, because you asked for it. Okay maybe it’s not that simple.  A handful of you have been begging me to finish the Michigan Millionaires series for years and I still don’t have that done, so there are two more reasons 🤷🏻.

One, it’s a marketing decision. The Dragon Kings has far outsold anything I’ve written. To be totally honest, if I were going to go back in time and do it all over again, I would’ve never ended The Dragon Kings. It’s the first story I conceptualized that has been published, and will always be special to me.  I would’ve just kept the story going. And with the new format I’m writing in–multiple points of view serials–I could keep this story going for years if it proves profitable.  However, if it doesn’t, I’ve got three more series I want to write (my overactive imagination never seems to have a shortage of ideas 🤣).

The second reason is the story. I had this idea I wanted to explore–an evil queen who was not really evil–and I realized that I could easily build that into The Dragon Kings world. I’m actually almost done writing the first drafts off all the books and I love it so much. Are you ready to find out what happened to all your favorites (except a certain beloved character 😭)??  The Dragon Kings Chronicles #1   will be released in January; don’t forget to preorder your copy so you’ll be able to start reading right away.  I’ll be releasing episodes every 2 weeks!

♥XOXO♥ Kim