I’ve now lived overseas for two and a half years. By the time I move back to the states it will have been three years. I lived in Egypt for two of those year and China for one. It has been a life changing experience for me. One that I wouldn’t replace for anything. I’ve traveled more than I ever thought possible, seen things I’ve never dreamed I would, and met amazing people. But. I have a confession.

I’m ready to go home.

There are things we totally take for granted in the states (or wherever home is for you.)

I miss being able to walk into Pizza Hut and order a pizza without having to pantomime what I want or point at the pictures and hope they get it right.

I miss being able to shop for clothes that actually fit me. I bought a hoodie the other day and to get one that fit, I had to buy an XXL. I’m not that big of a person.

I miss having my own car. We have a scooter here in China and while it’s a nice mode of transportation, it’s not so fun when it rains.

I miss English. Not very many people here speak it and if they do, they generally won’t. I have to say, I’ll never take my own language for granted again. Chinese is extremely difficult to learn. For example the word “ma” has like six different meanings depending on how you say it. I have hearing loss and I can’t actually hear the six different pronunciations, let alone speak them. They all sound the same to me. Arabic was easier.

I miss being literate. I can’t read here. Anything. Occasionally I catch a symbol I know, but without knowing the other symbols, I can’t discern meaning.

I miss road trips.

I miss Cracker Barrel .

I miss my family and my friends.

I miss being in the same time zone as everyone else.

The thing is, no matter where I am, I miss the other side. There are things I desperately miss about Egypt and I know there are things I will miss from here.

I’ll miss the security guard who, in very broken English, shouts “You are beautiful” every time I walk through the gate.

I’ll miss the view from my window where I can see the harbor.

I’ll miss the diversity of my daughter’s friends. IMG_1946


I’ll miss the $50 flights to Thailand, Vietnam, or Cambodia.

I’ll miss breakfasts at the French café that I eat at every day.

I’ll miss going to the rooftops of ridiculously high buildings.


I’ll miss eating with chopsticks (though those are totally going home with us. Chopsticks have become the utensil of choice when we have a rice based meal.) IMG_9050


I’ll miss my Ayi (she’s my housekeeper).

I’ll miss our little scooter (we are trying to figure out how to bring it, but it may be more expensive to ship it home than it is worth). IMG_9189

I’m sure there are so many other things I’ll miss. But really, I’m so thrilled to be going back to the states.