It’s actually not that much different than real life ;-). Except less going to the store. Hubby and I are used to being on the road so that has been challenging. My Father-in-law has a cabin the woods and we’ve holed up there.



My typical day looks like this:

Early Morning: Write

Mid Morning: Answer emails/marketing/play with my dog/do yoga/try not to be distracted by hubby (who is very distracting lol)

Afternoon: Finish up anything I didn’t get done in the morning/do something outside/eat dinner

Evening: Watch Netflix/Read We just finished all four seasons of Hart of Dixie and LOVED it. Now I don’t know what to watch.

We’re trying really hard not to go too stir crazy, but we really, really want to get back on the road. Some afternoons we go for a drive. One day we visited my son’s grave and planted flowers. It was peaceful and quiet.

I hope all of you are doing well (mentally and physically) and staying busy right now with things you enjoy!