Zwaantie is the main character for God of the Sun. Her name is dutch and it means little swan. She’s a princess who doesn’t particularly want to be a princess. She’s incredibly independent and so she fights against her oppressive country quite a bit, breaking rules whenever she can.

A few pictures of how I pictured her:

Girl in fairy dress walks in the woods



Long hair, blonde, very straight. Usually worn in braids

Blue Eyes



Quick to smile

Zwaantie’s Favorites:

Food: Fresh Strawberries

Animal: Cows. She’s a bit obsessed.

Color: Blue

Flower: Tulip

Place: The woods

Person: Her maid, Luna

Zwaantie lives in a world where they have no real music unless it is live. But if she lived in our world, this would be her theme song. (It’s seriously perfect, I liked it because it was about stars but when I read the lyrics, I was like WOW.)


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